Happy New Year!

A new year has come around again and we’ve reached 2018. For some reason, I’ve always had a positive feeling whilst thinking about reaching the year 2018. But why? The even number? A lucky number? Who knows. But this year I’m feeling more inspired than ever to pick a few new years’ resolutions and sticking … More Happy New Year!

B A R C E L O N A.

Barcelona has always been at the top of my Must-See-Spanish-Cities list for SO many reasons. The Sagrada Família, Park Güell, Las Ramblas… the list goes on and on and on. It was a dream come true to finally have the opportunity to travel to the city – and of course, I checked off everything on my … More B A R C E L O N A.

C Ó R D O B A.

Yesterday I continued my Andalusian city check-list by travelling to Córdoba. Ever since I started studying Spanish waaaaaay back 8 years ago, this was one of the cities I always had in mind to visit. When I was placed in Andalusia for my year abroad, of course I had to take the opportunity. Although it … More C Ó R D O B A.

G R A N A D A.

It’s been a very busy few weeks, but I have finally found the time to update my blog page with one of the best travel spots I’ve been to yet – Granada. Around 2 weeks ago (yes, I really am that late), I spent the weekend in this beautiful, Arabic influenced, Andalusian city. On my … More G R A N A D A.

S E V I L L A.

Yesterday I went on an adventure to discover Seville, and it was the most picturesque city I have ever seen. I started off the day by wondering around like a proper tourist, taking in all of the beautiful architecture: The Seville Cathedral, The Real Alcázar and La Giralda to name a few. I managed to … More S E V I L L A.

N I E B L A.

Today I decided to start on my spontaneous adventures to towns and cities around the city of Huelva, and I don’t think I could have chosen a stronger starting point. I was instantly drawn to visit the historic walled-town of Niebla, which also meant a compulsory visit to the Río Tinto flowing nearby. I was … More N I E B L A.