Happy New Year!

A new year has come around again and we’ve reached 2018. For some reason, I’ve always had a positive feeling whilst thinking about reaching the year 2018. But why? The even number? A lucky number? Who knows. But this year I’m feeling more inspired than ever to pick a few new years’ resolutions and sticking to them to change my lifestyle for the better.

So here’s my list:

  1. Meditate – EVERY day.

This is my #1 new years’ resolution for so many reasons. I’m only just over a week into the whole concept of meditation, but I can already feel the positivity it’s radiating onto me. I try to do a quick 5 minute meditation early in the morning before starting the day – which really has proven to clear my mind and get it ready for the day ahead. Here in Spain, I take a 30 minute daily commute to work, so I try to fit in a meditation of sort during this time. Of course, this isn’t (yet) half as rewarding as meditating in a room alone. Perhaps with time and practise I will be able to consciously block out the surroundings and lose the thought of feeling like I’m being watched. As the months pass and I come to understand the process of meditation better, I will (hopefully) be able to allow myself to meditate for longer at a time following a different range of meditation styles. I’m looking forward to see what affect this daily habit has on me mentally in the long term.

  1. Wake up that little bit earlier than need be in the mornings.

I love mornings and I always feel sooo productive once I finally get my day going. But the warmth and comfort of my bed is always intensified when my alarm goes off. This year, I’ve started setting my alarm to be earlier than it needs to in order to have that extra time to start the day productively (and of course earlier). Of course I haven’t been and won’t be forcing myself to wake up at the crack of dawn every day, but I’ve started to set into the habit by setting alarms for 30/40 minutes earlier than I normally would. So far, I’ve taken this time to (as seen above) meditate a bit, go for early morning walks and do jobs that need doing that actually can be done in the early (ish) hours of the morning. This is an easy habit to start for me especially as I’m living in Spain at the moment. There are always people around starting their days and although it is pretty cold, I do kind of like it. I imagine it will only get easier as the mornings warm up and the Spanish sun is out properly again.

  1. Keep a daily planner and stick to it.

I’ve always thought of myself to be an organized person, but I’ve never truly written a detailed daily planner and stuck to it. Before the New Year, I bought myself a pretty little diary planner and my goal is to have it completely full by the end of the year. This first week back in Spain after Christmas is proving to be a very busy one, so this little book is keeping me in line and up-to-date with all my tasks and travel plans (the most important bit). Who knows- at the end of the year it may be a nice memory to look back on and prove to myself just how much I’ve done and capable of doing.

  1. Travel as much as possible.

This year truly is one of the best years I’ll have in terms of ability to travel. I’ve already had 3 months of taking opportunities to travel around (like you can see in previous blogs), but the next 5 months I have left here in Spain I want to take every chance I get to see and explore new places. I’m lucky to be surrounded by people with the same mentality who want to travel and see as much of the world as possible. This year, I’m determined to cross off on my map as many places as I can across Europe. I’ve already proven to myself that I can plan and navigate travels on my own – so what’s stopping me?

With these New Years Resolutions in mind, I’m determined to make my lifestyle as positive as it can be. I’m really excited for the year ahead and already have SO much planned just in the next 4 months. Do you have any New Years resolutions you’re determined to keep this year?



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Aww Happy New Year to you, Becca! ❤ I am sure you will enjoy sticking to each of these resolutions, they sound great (: I would love to get up a bit earlier in the mornings, as well – productive mornings are the best! However, that would also mean going to bed a bit earlier, so I'll need to put that into practice, haha… I've also felt the same way about 2018! It's a pretty number, I think, plus I turn 18 this year, so that will be cool! ❤ Happy blogging!

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    1. Sorry I’m late replying! ❤️ So far, so good with the resolutions haha! I completely understand what you mean with the earlier mornings – 2018 is showing to be a very busy year for me already so I’m easily asleep by 10pm whenever I get the chance! Happy 18th birthday for this year, I turn 21 in June! ❤️


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